Wednesday 4 April 2007

Getting dipped!

The day of my Baptism came. After the morning service Caroline took Sean for the day and left me in a computer store in town so I could type out my testimony as I had it scribbled on several pieces of paper. When I finished I went to pay for it and discovered that the time was twenty to six. I was supposed to be at the Church at a quarter to! I had no clothes to change into (I was to be fully immersed in a pool) or time to get them. I phoned my neighbour and she collected me and we went to a store and bought some. We finally arrived about half an hour late. The Church was full. As it happened, it worked out well as I didn’t have much time to get too worried about getting up to talk. I stood up and gave my testimony. When it was all over everyone came up to me and congratulated me and shook hands etc. Lots of my family attended the service which was great. My father did attend my baptism and when he came up to congratulate me, he kissed me and told me he always loved me. He called down to see me in my home two days later and again on the Thursday! Since then, I am glad to say we have been in regular contact with one another and visiting one another. After the Baptism we had a supper with everybody at the Church. Clark and Sheila invited me to America so I could meet the people at their Church and give my testimony there. Two days later I accepted!

Since writing this post my father died but not before God saved him.

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