Monday 2 April 2007

What about you?

If God is out there, but not in here, not in you, then it’s not enough for you to accept, and you really don’t want the alternative. What you must do is truly and genuinely ask God to come into your life. He will not reveal Himself to you if you are proud and think you have no need to humble yourself before Him. Acknowledge Him as the Holy God that He is, acknowledge your sins and your need for forgiveness, and with His love and grace He will come to you with His Holy Spirit. The Bible tells you all about it, how to come to God, how to enter into a proper relationship with Him. You will be welcomed, with warmth unknown to you before now, by other believers who make up this wonderful family that I am now a part of. It does not matter what particular background you come from or what beliefs you hold, nor am I suggesting that you join up with any particular group. You don’t have to clean up your act, go to church or become holy all of a sudden to go to God. Go to Him just as you are, right now. He died for people just like you. Pick up a Bible and read it, if you don’t have one, phone the number at the end of this and I will get one to you. A good place to start is John’s gospel.

Some people think that you cannot live your life by the standards set out in it, and they would be right. You cannot do it on your own, however, you can if you have the help of God’s Holy Spirit. People say that the Bible doesn’t tally up, that it contradicts itself. It does not. When people don’t understand it they automatically blame the Bible. If there is a choice between the Bible being wrong, and a person’s understanding of it being wrong, well, I’ll back the Bible any day! The pride of man! If he doesn’t understand it, well it must be God who has made a mistake! God Himself says that the natural man cannot make much sense of it. (1 Corinthians 2:14) If you are an atheist like I was, learn from me and seek God. No matter how silly you may feel, no matter how much your pride may stand in the way. Find out for yourself, don’t wait till it’s too late. If you believe in God, trust the Bible. Use it as your starting point. Check what you believe with the Bible. It is always right, always. Don’t just believe what someone once told you or taught you as a child. Find out for yourself what God says in His own Book. If what you have believed is not in the Bible, it is wrong. Pray to God to show you the truth. He will show you if you ask.

If what you believed were wrong, would you want to know?

I believe that God loves me and has been waiting for me to call out to Him. I in turn was busy living a happy, contented life without a thought for God. Thankfully, with love, God got my attention (eventually!) by allowing my life to fall apart, bit by bit, so that when I got so low and there was no one to turn to, I turned to Him. I was an atheist for almost twenty years, but ended up desperately hoping that there was more to life, and God proved to me that there is. An awful lot more! An eternity!

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