Tuesday 3 April 2007

Re-opening doors

Well, we went to court and Catherine informed the Judge of my decision. He was not happy with the idea but said we could go ahead and allow it but that he would keep an eye on things. Sean’s grandmother got up and her Solicitor took her through her evidence. Then I got up and Catherine helped me through mine. When she was through, Sean’s grandmother’s Solicitor questioned me. It wasn’t pleasant. There were accusations made that I wasn’t happy about. When all was said and done, the Judge said he would make his decision during the following week and that we were to come back in six days.

That evening at home I prayed about the whole situation while doing the ironing. I had come to terms with the thoughts that she might get access to Sean. I was prepared to accept this, no matter how hard it might be, as it would be God’s will and I knew He would give me the strength to cope with it. Again I thought often and hard on Romans 8:28. However, I also thought of what would happen if she were denied access. At this time, all feelings of dislike and resentment towards Sean’s grandmother had left me. I thought of how this sort of outcome might affect her and was overcome with compassion for her. First she had lost her father, then her only son and then she lost her only grandson. Again and again I thought how the Bible tells us to love our enemies. I promised God there and then, that if she were denied access I would visit her four weeks later to the day and make an offer to her that she could see Sean for two hours every Saturday.

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