Wednesday 4 April 2007

A tough learning curve

I came to realise just how much I was blessed and honoured to meet such a family. To be so close to them during such a difficult time in their lives and to be able to watch God at work in and through them was humbling. I told Lacey during another one of her many stays in hospital, that I felt honoured to have met them and that God had me in America for certain reasons and that she and her family were one of them. The two of us ended up crying, we kissed one another, I thanked her and told her I would pray for her.

God used her illness for good. I am one of many people who learned many lessons from Lacey being unwell. I received a letter from her recently and I will quote some of it; “Each and every time I go into the hospital, my faith is strengthened, my testimony becomes stronger, my walk with the Lord is sweetened. I am, in ways, thankful for this illness. God has truly blessed me with many things through it. It is when I met you. You have been on my heart for quite some time now. I want you and Niall and Sean to know that I am continually praying for you all”.
Since then Lacy met and married a nurse! She has had two beautiful baby girls, had an operation and is much better and finally able to eat things like ice cream for the first time in years.

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