Tuesday 3 April 2007

A great new start

I made contact with a member of her family and made arrangements to meet in her house on the appointed day. Stephen agreed to come. We arrived and were made most welcome. Tea was made and I came straight to the point. I told her that I was saved last August and that it had made a great change in me. I said that one of the changes was my decision not to have her cross-examined in court. She acknowledged this. I went on to tell her of the promise I made to God in relation to her visiting Sean. I said that I wasn’t just making the offer because I felt I had to, but with my hand on my heart I was happy to make it. She said she loved Sean and that she missed him. I said it would be better for me to come to her house with my hat in hand, and for her to come to my house with her hat in hand. Better for Sean and better for us, than if we went to court and for her to triumphantly come into my house unwelcome and against my will or for us to go to court and for her application to be dismissed again.

She happily agreed, I’m glad to say, and we hugged. We spent a short while talking and looking at photos, and left with the agreement that Sean and I would expect to see her for a visit the following Saturday. Since then (February 2002) she has been to visit every week. Recently we talked about the house and what to do with it. We have both agreed to sell it and put the money into a trust for Sean until he is older. I have allowed that she and a person of her choice be trustees, which means that I have honoured my promise to God by letting go of it completely. I am content with this arrangement and glad that it is no longer a thorn in our flesh, something unpleasant between us. Slowly but surely our relationship has been improving. Both Sean and I look forwards to seeing her every week and we all get along very well. I am grateful for the chance given to me by God for a new relationship with her.

Since writing this my relationship with Sean's grandmother has been very good. Sean is fourteen now and he not only spends mini breaks with his granny regularly but has also been abroad on a holiday with her several times.

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