Wednesday 4 April 2007


Two and a half weeks later I left for America and flew from Belfast to London. On the flight from London to the U.S., I ended up talking to a man. He was in his late sixties. He came across as being quite rough and ready and after talking to him for about fifteen minutes (I didn’t want to talk to him any more but didn’t want to be rude and turn away from him) I silently asked God, ‘Oh please let him fall asleep’. Immediately after that prayer, the man looked at me and told me he was dying of cancer. We spent the next two hours talking about our lives and I told him how I got saved and by the time we parted company we had become very close. I have prayed for him many times since I met him and I realise how much of a blessing he has been to me. I often think of him and hope and pray that God will reveal Himself to this man.

What can I say about Mississippi? It was a feast of good food, good company and good Christian friendship. The members of the Church over there were just as genuine and friendly as in Dundalk. Love and kindness surrounded me. I felt very close to God and ended up making some serious decisions during my stay there.

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